Staying Safe Whilst Visiting Escorts in Glasgow

Staying safe whilst visiting escorts in Glasgow is extremely important and you may not know where to begin if it is something you lack experience with. Safety can pertain to your health, or to avoiding potentially dangerous situations such as attack or theft. Visiting escorts in glasgow should be a fun and rewarding experience but it is not without some risk. Here are some helpful ways to minimise those risks.

Avoid dangerous situations

Going through an agency is usually the easiest way to play it safe. It may cost more, but as a result you are less likely to end up in a situation that involves the authorities, drugs or anything else unsavoury.
When visiting an escort in Glasgow, do your research and avoid escorts that operate in questionable or low rent areas. In many cases this can indicate that they may have a Ďmale friendí that could be a danger to you, or they may be engaged in some illicit activity you donít want to be caught in the middle of.
When you enter the room politely check the bathroom, closet and any other rooms to confirm you are alone before you undress or get comfortable.
Do a cursory glance over the room to make sure there are not any needles or drugs in plain sight.
Avoid bringing personal belongings to the session. Leave items such as your mobile phone and wallet in your car or somewhere else safe. Bring only the money for the specified donation and maybe a little extra if you feel you may go over your time. This eliminates the possibility of temptation and an uncomfortable situation.
If you have a bad feeling about the situation, or see anything that makes you think twice, thank the escort for their time and tell them that you donít feel comfortable going forward and simply leave. You may get a bad referral and you may feel like you missed out on a good experience, but that is better than risking your life or your freedom.
Protecting your health

It should go without saying that you should always use protection. Donít rely on the escort to have or provide protection, though most do. In particular, especially if you have special size considerations, make sure you bring your own condoms. Keep them in the box and unopened so that the escort knows that they havenít been tampered with. This will help keep you both safe before the fun starts.
Casually explore the escortís face and genitals. Look for anything abnormal like cold sores, bumps or cuts. While it is much safer to avoid oral contact, if you want to have oral sex performed on you make sure they do not have any cold sores on their mouth. If they have a tongue ring, make sure they are using it gently to avoid potentially cutting you.
Be sure to take a shower before and after any intercourse with an escort.
Get vaccinated against Hepatitis B and be sure to get regular checked for sexually transmitted diseases.
Remember to have fun
Once you are sure you are in a safe situation, remember to relax, have fun and enjoy all that your Glasgow escort has to offer. Being safe is important, and you do must everything that you can to protect yourself so that you can appreciate the time that you spend with the escort to the fullest.

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